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The sculpture unity was created from a piece of Spring Stone from Zimbabwe. I found the stone in a sculptor’s studio in Sedona, Arizona.  This stone, with two others, was purchased and brought back to Hanna.

The sculpture Unity is a piece about discovery; one arm of the sculpture is reaching out to the heavens to connect with the universe or God. The second arm is reaching up and into itself, for discovery and understanding of who we are as individuals.

The sculpture took roughly 120 hours to create. I spent 60 hours roughing out the original shape. I used small handsaws, files, rasps, and various shaped sanding blocks with 40 grit paper. The next 30 hours was spent refining the stone to fit the design of the work,then 20 hours sanding with finer and finer sand papers until I reached the desired finish.  I then spent approximately 10 hours hand- polishing the piece.   

Some areas of the sculpture were left in rough stone; this is a trademark of the sculptor. I leave the rough areas to keep the work connected to its original form in nature. 

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