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cedar lily.


The sculpture Cedar Lily Steel on Glass was created from a piece of one and three quarter inch solid steel plate. The steel was plasma cut at Venture Fabrication in Hanna. The rough plate was then faced on a lathe on three sides; the fourth face was left in raw steel. This was left in its natural state to keep the sculpture connected to its origin.

The sculpture was then hand filed to remove most of the scratches and imperfections from the lathe. When most of these imperfections were gone, it was then wet sanded with progressively finer sand paper up to and including 2500 grit wet. The two pieces that make up the work are held together by a compression pin, and an Amolite adhesive. The work was then treated with Renaissance wax. (A micro crystalline wax polish used by the British museum to protect their works of art from weather and oxidation.) 

I used the name of a baby girl that had just been born for the sculpture. I liked the Idea of giving the piece strength and fragility at the same time. This appears to me to be the embodiment of all women.

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