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  • How long does a sculpture usally take to create?
    The time it take me to finish a sculpture varies depending on the size and how much rock I have to remove. On average, a large piece can take up to a year. Between 8 to 14 months is a close approximation.
  • Can a sculpture be customized or made specific for me?
    Yes and no. I will try to accomodate special requests but must first listen to the rock itself before deciding anything. I have created custom commisioned pieces in the past with a bit of negotiation and the ability to say no but yes I do entertain the idea.
  • What is the average price of a sculpture?
    When I purchase the stone I will pay up to $2.00 a pound, so depending on the weight of the stone that be the initial price. Then the cost of a new saw, ( at least one per sculpture ) sand paper, and hacksaw blades; can run up to $300.00 per piece. That is the monetary out lay without the cost of labour. I don't calculate the hours I am putting into the piece when I am working as I get lost in the art of it.
  • Can a sculpture be shipped to my home?
    I have shipped a piece to New Zealand recently, and it arrived safe and sound - so yes I will ship them anywhere in the world.
  • What is your favourite type of rock to sculpt with?
    My favorite stone to work with unitll now has always been Pyrophyllite. (Alluminum Silicate Hydroxide). It is medium-hard stone and finishes clean. It will hold a sharp edge and sands to a very high gloss. I am working some Marble now and that may change my opinion, but we will have to wait and see for that.
  • When do you know what the sculpture will turn out to be?
    I look at stone for a while, I feel its shape, the inner vibration, and one day we decide what is inside. I look for its center and how the stone emerges from its core. Sometimes this happens right away and other times it can take over a year.
  • How do you select the type of stone to use for your sculptures?
    Actually the rock selects me. When I buy stone, I look through a warehouse and pick the rock I feel an affinity for and the stone that has meaning to me at that time. The size and shape of the stone also come into play, however if I like the feel and vibration of a stone that is the one that I purchase.
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