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Hi Edward, guess what I have in my hot little hands. All I can say is what beauty and energy come from those amulets. I swear once I got them unwrapped I had some heart palpitations. I have got the lightning bolt hanging around my neck and it feels so amazing. They truly give me goosebumps. Thank you for these amazing gifts. I will treasure them always. I am not sure if I will even let anyone see them and if I do they will have to be someone pretty special. You are a master artist my friend. Keep up the amazing work.

Michelle Darago

I am totally blown away! The whale is beyond my dreams – the picture does not do it justice! Thank you so much! This will become a family treasure over time. I know my husband will be very surprised on Christmas morning. I can hardly wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you! P.S. He loves it and tells everyone it was made for him!

Deedi Haug

I have always been drawn to water, and the peace that it brings. The sculpture 'Deep Water' has that same effect on me. The ship appears to burst forth from an unfinished piece of the same stone, giving it a sence of movement. Smooth lines and calming colour of the beautiful African Kisii stone lift my spirit. This is a sculpture that sits mear my favourite chair, where I can reach out and touch the stone, as well as admire its beauty. 

Kathleen Gordon

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