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deep water.


The boat has two sails that appear to be catching the wind, as it plows through the water. I love its sense of movement, How the boat seems to be cutting through the waves.

Deep water is the second piece in the three- piece series called The Wind Series. The sculpture is made from African Kisii stone. This stone, quarried in South Africa, was abandoned in a warehouse for over two hundred years.  When the warehouse sold, the stone was sold, some of it finding its way to Canada. Deep Water demonstrates man’s ability to harness the wind.  We are able to use this facet of nature as a tool to traverse the waters, giving us the ability to travel, even from one continent to the other. We are no longer land-bound.

This work took approximately 150 hours to complete. There were more than 60 hours in the rough blocking, and nearly 60 hours in refining the shape.  More than thirty hours went into polishing .

As with all of my pieces, there are areas of unfinished stone. In this way, the sculptor keeps the stone connected to its true form.  

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