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This is one of my smaller pieces, containing two sections of the same stone. One piece of the stone goes through another on an angle. I wanted to create a fourth dimension by piercing the larger rock. Fear is one of my favourite sculptures because the rock is piercing the monolith stone, it is breaking through the barrier of our fears.

The sculpture was created for Melvin H., in 2014. The sculpture demonstrates breaking barriers and defining the base emotion of fear. I believe fear stems purely from the unknown, the fact that we don't know what will happen next, and the endless scenarios we invent in our imaginations.

I made this sculpture, from Chlorite, and it took approximately 100 to 130 hours to complete. The sculpture was created without the use of power tools. All of my work is done by hand, using only hand tools such as saws, files, and various grits of sand paper. There are no waxes or polishes on the stone; it was hand rubbed to the gloss that is apparent on the piece. The work is held together with the use of an epoxy resin. 

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