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the dancer.


The stone used for this sculpture is layered “Wonder stone”, with brown layers and areas of mottled tan stone mixed in. This sculpture was started on May the fifteenth, and, completed on August the twenty seventh of 2013. A rough total of ninety hours was spent creating the piece. There were no power tools used to create this sculpture; all work was done by hand. The rough blocking or shaping of the piece took approximately 25 hours. This was done with small handsaw and metal rasps.The next step, refining the sculpture to its desired look before polishing was close to 40 hours. The sculpture was then hand rubbed to its desired gloss. There are no sealers or waxes on the sculpture. The polished areas are pure stone. Some areas of the sculpture were left in rough stone; this is a trademark of the sculptor. (I leave the rough areas to keep the work connected to its original form.) 

The Dancer came out of the rock in a flash. With most of my work I study the stone for days.  This piece was born quickly, I started sketching the curves for the flame, and it came to life. The piece represents the fire and passion that we bring into our worlds, and how the fire burns in all.  

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