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The piece Truth was fashioned from a single piece of Pyrophyllite, (commonly called Wonder stone by most sculptors and carvers). The stone is composed of aluminum hydroxide. Typically associated minerals include: kyanite, andalusite, topaz, mica, and quartz. The stone used for this sculpture is layered “Wonder stone”, with brown layers and areas of mottled tan stone mixed in.

The sculpture was started on March fourth, and, completed on June twentieth of 2013. An average of two hours a day was spent on the piece, for a rough total of one hundred and ten hours.  There were no power tools used to create this sculpture; all work was done by hand. The rough blocking or shaping of the piece took approximately 20 hours. This was done with small handsaws and metal rasps. The next step, refining the sculpture to its desired look before polishing, was close to 60 hours.

There are no sealers or waxes on the sculpture. The polished areas are pure stone.  Some areas of the sculpture were left in rough stone; this is a trademark of the sculptor. (I leave the rough areas to keep the work connected to its original form.) This sculpture was created to reflect the simplicity of the truth.

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