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Acting Vs Sculpting

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The difference between acting and sculpting.

Earlier today I was thinking about a sculpture I sold to a patron of the arts. We were discussing the value of an object of art and its longevity. One of the reasons I like stone so much is its ability to transcend generations of humanity. If nobody destroys the sculpture, how long will it last past my lifetime, past the owners grandchildren's lifetime. Who knows? Only time and history will answer that question. Conversely, when I was still on the stage, creating characters for an audience is immediate and electrically charged - it is finite. When the curtain closes after the show, no matter how wonderful the ovation, that character is gone. I will create another character the next night, however they are never the same and the electricity is always different. In one case the reaction is immediate in the other there may be no reactions for years. In both cases, I wouldn't change a thing. I need to create to keep me grounded.

Edward H.

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