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Blood and Stone

Most of the softer stone that I carve has a degree of talc in it.  This has a tendency to dry out my skin. I do try to to keep it hydrated, but in reality I am not very good at that part.

Consequently my hands will crack and bleed, some times quite a lot.  My hands are arthritic some times the arthritis has me thinking of that pain and ill look down and see my finger or thumb bleeding.

Out comes the Damage control ( Cloud 9 Naturally. check them on the web.) and its a couple of days of pain touching things. Every once in a while ill bark some skin off of a knuckle on the edge of a rock, or cut myself with a hand saw. I am always very careful of these abrasions and lacerations.

A good wash some peroxide, and a bandage usually does the trick. As time wears on I find the arthritis the most challenging as my finger refuses to straiten so I can better feel the stone.

This loss of contact is much more frustrating to me. I have often contemplated smashing the knuckle with a flat rock, But then I couldn't bend it. So whats worse.

Edward H.

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