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The Highs and Lows

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The process of creating and the emotional ride it takes me on.

During the creative time frame from the beginning to end of a sculpture, I experience both highs and lows.  I will start a piece, and be able to visualize it's completed state. I will be on fire with its design element, ready to break into the stone gangbusters.

The first tentative cut exciting me, making me apprehensive about my ability to create what i see in my mind. from the start of the sculpture I will have nothing that even roughly resembles my finished work. I feel safe and happy at this stage, and able to work easily and frequently on the stone.

As the piece gets more and more like a representation of my initial design I get worried. I slow down, it's not that I lose interest, or connection to the stone. I know that what is removed will never be able to be replaced, if I cut too deep there is no way to hide the mistake. In some cases like Spectre, it took long periods away from the piece to build the confidence to continue. So it is with the Gatherer, I am back to work on this piece of purple wonder stone. I feel the confidence and ability to bring her to life. Over the next few cold months I expect to have her in wet sanding, and then the push to the finish with the hand polishing.

Edward H.

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