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My Space, My Inspiration

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

My studio space is a room in my basement that is twenty feet long and 12 feet wide. A basic rectangle of floor space. as odd as it may seem there is an inexpensive wall to wall carpet on the floor. I find this helps in not tracking rock dust throughout the the house, as the carpet holds on to the dust.

A good vacuum once a week will pick the dust up. The studio has two rather large windows that face south, allowing a ton of natural light into the room. I have a television, an easy chair, a desk, and two work benches.

The walls are covered in art, and I have extra lights for fine sanding work. There is also a four drawer tool box by the entrance to the studio. Not many people come into the studio, unless I invite them, I am very protective of this private world - just me and the stone abide there.

Edward H.

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