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Top 8 Sculptures I Have Created

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

A list of the top eight sculptures I have created to date and why I love them so much. The meaning behind the stone creations and my feelings about them.



A single piece of red and white Wonder Stone, carved into the head of an eagle. The stone was over one hundred pounds when I started and ended up being about fifty-five pounds when I completed the piece. The sculpture is my top choice because this particular stone I am very connected to and I truly love working with it.


This is another piece of Chlorite that was fashioned into an ocean wave. Riding the wave is a hand blown, green glass ball. The sculpture is a tribute to the worlds homeless population. A population who is treated invisible yet still exist. Because of this representation and my empathy for these people this has become one of my utmost favourite sculptures to create.


I was commissioned to create this piece which started out from a one hundred and twenty-five pound chunk of chlorite. The sculpture is the head of a Jaguar and still touches me to this day. The inner strength of this piece is why it is number three on the list.


This is the only metal sculpture I have ever created. The sculpture is two metal circles, one inside the other, made of three-quarter inch steel. The sculpture is named after a small baby girl to depict the strength and fragility of womanhood as well as touch on the moment of conception. I named this piece ofter a close personal friend putting it on the list of favourites.


This stone is made from Spring Stone from Zimbabwe. This sculpture has one arm reaching up to the heavens in search of where we came from and the other is reach to the centre to better understand who we are. This piece means so much to me because it represents the struggle of searching for answers in two different directions to different answers from one source.


This is a piece of Kisii Stone from South Africa that I sculpted a sail boat out of. The sculpture is number two in the wind series of sculptures I have created. The boat has two sails that appear to be catching the wind as it plows through the water. The sense of movement that the boat has when it appears to be cutting through the water is why it has become one of my favourite creations.


This sculpture is made from brown Wonder Stone and is basically a circle cut into the rock. The centre of the circle is removed and a base for it to sit on is created from the same stone. This is one of my favourites because it is pure, simple, and it's meaning - the circle completing itself.


This is a smaller piece containing two sections of the same stone. By piercing the larger rock with itself at an angle I tried to create a fourth dimension in the piece. The rock piercing through the monolith stone is like breaking through our own fears which is why this sculpture is the final favourite on the list.

Edward H.

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