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Judith Peck - an artist who moves me

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Some one once asked me who was my favorite artist. Then stood waiting for an answer. I told them I had no favorite artist, only artists that moved me in new ways when I discovered their work.  I tried to explain in words, the emotions I felt when I looked at art, that reached me in a new and wondrous way. Art that travels through reason, to move my desire, to understand the emotion in the work being created.

One such artist is Judith Peck. Her work has layers and textures,  not only of emotion, but actual physical depth. She uses plaster on board to lift the image, up and free it beyond two dimensions. Her paintings give a strength to her subjects that is palatable. You know in the pit of your stomach, the courage it took to overcome the fear, from the expression she brings to the painting. In a way, Judith's paintings remind me of my sculptures.

Each of my sculptures will have areas of untouched stone, or one section left of raw stone. Judith's paintings have a texture that seem to come from the beginning of it's creation. They flow through the piece completing it. If you ever want to know what may lie at the center of my stone sculptures, look at Judith's work and you will see what I am trying to achieve. Judith Peck an artist that moves me deeply.

Edward H.

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