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Breathtaking - The Artist Rosita

This is a pointing by artist Rosita about a young woman

On August 9th in 2017 as I was scrolling through Instagram I came across a painting that stopped me in my tracks.

This is a painting of a tiger that looks realistic by Rosita

The painting portrayed a beautiful young woman who radiated such a peaceful aura, that she totally mesmerized me.  It was painted by a woman I now consider to be a friend, her name is Rosita, and she is Columbian.

This is a painting of a goldfish wearing headphones by artist Rosita

Her Instagram feed is found under pinturasrmquesada please be sure to go there to see her amazing work. Rosita's paintings bring the subject matter to breath taking reality, you can hear the Jaguar's throaty breath as it studies the humming bird flying close to its face. I do not have the language to match her work, her art reaches a new depth for me, she creates a reality that resonates within my soul. I want my sculptures to say as much as her paintings. All I can say is go there to pinturasrmquesada, and be amazed for yourself.

Edward H.

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