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What Makes Me Like A Work Of Art

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

What moves me to like a work of art.

Okay, okay, okay! Take a paper clip and open it. Now bend it and stab it into a grapefruit. The image of a grapefruit with a paper clip stabbed into it is something I could pass by without noticing much. However, add a tear of juice running down the outside of the punctured fruit and I will stop to look. Make the tear look like it's bleeding and you have my full attention.

I need to be moved inside by some emotional response to captivate my attention. Show me something that is tastefully and culturally challenging and I am going to take a second look. Add an emotional element and you create the opportunity for me to love it. Balance and form, the flow of a piece draw me into a piece of art. Whether a piece is modern, allegorical, water colour, oil, or acrylic makes no difference to me. Whether it makes me stop to look, stop to cry, or even stop to laugh - if I am going to stop it has to be emotional.

Edward H.

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