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Eva Morisawa

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Artists who inspire me.

Every month I plan to tell you about an Artist I have met that inspired me to work harder at bringing my art to a new level. These will be people whose work i recognize in an instant, I am familiar with their style, brush strokes, or finish on a sculpture.

For my first artist I have chosen Eva Morisawa.  Eva is an artist from New Zealand, and i came across her work on Instagram a couple of years ago.  I was immediately drawn to her work, it was so subtlety complex yet so simple to understand. Her message is powerful and in your face, with an underlying gentle sadness.

I wanted to give comfort, to care for women in her paintings. Eva practices A traditional Japanese Archery called Kyudo, a specialized form of traditional archery.  I am lucky enough to have two of her art works and she has one of mine. I believe this has given each of us a bit more understanding and resilience. Please look to instagram, and search out this wonderful artist from New Zealand. Eva Morisawa

I will say our friendship, has taken me to a new level in my work. I want my sculptures to resonate with the power of her water colours. Thank you Eva.

Edward H.


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