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Why I Sculpt?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The deep seated need for creativity has haunted me as far back as I can remember.  As a small child I would act out scenes from my imagination or memory, still at my age now I sometimes feel the urge to perform again.

I do not act anymore, so I turn the creative desire to the sculpture of stone.  I chose stone because it speaks to my inner voice, there is a resonance or vibration I feel from its core.Feeling a piece of raw stone calms me in a way I can’t describe. If I listen hard enough the stone will tell me what is inside. Now here is the tricky part. I must let the stone direct the progress of the work.

It feels to me like I am never in control of the process, I only remove the stone in various ways. The piece lets me know when it is finished, and I stand back and wonder how I did that. When the sculpture is complete, I feel it’s emotional energy. If I have done my work honestly, letting the stone direct me, others will feel this energy as well. When the sculpture is officially signed and named, it is done.

At this point I have no more direct connection to the piece. I remember the feeling of creating it, the emotional release of energy, the being lost in time and space while I remove the stone. The true connection is gone, only while the stone is directing me, do we vibrate in unison.

                                                                                             Edward H.

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